Driving Greenovations

Grento is a step ahead towards green environment with an objective of providing  greenovative products in the field of green technology to support users to conserve energy in a journey towards sustainability.


Green technology is the only solution towards sustainable development. Today green has gone main stream. It is not just the corporate, but also a common man is now realizing the importance of going green. However, there are many challenges, which are hindering the wide spread usage of green technology like higher cost, less knowledge & awareness about technology, high end solutions limited to premium buyers, and less focus on simple & low cost innovations. We address all these challenges through Grento.

Grento primarily focuses on the new opportunities in the market through meticulously identifying and understanding the market gaps and bridging them with the out-of-the-box greenovative products & services.

We have rich experience in working with industries and understanding their exact requirements and meeting them with total satisfaction of the customer.


To drive more greenovations to promote & create sustainable environment.


To promote & create sustainable environment  through making green technology more simple & affordable to the end customer while ensuring the promising value to them by constantly innovating the products & services.


Team Grento

V Raghu


With more than 40 years of experience, Mr. V Raghu has headed many reputed companies like Autoliv India, IFB group, TVS group of companies like Harita. He was instrumental in making Autoliv India a formidable player in safety seat belt market in India. A charismatic leader & mentor to many, he turned around many organizations and made them market leaders.
With his vast experience and knowledge, he is charioting Grento as a Mentor & Advisor.

Sanndip Pandey


After working for 5 years in Automotive Industry, he left his MNC job to start his own entrepreneurial journey in 2012. Driven by his passion for greenovations, he founded Grento Technologies with the vision of helping individuals and organizations to go green with reliable and cost effective solutions.

Vinayak Devmurti

Founding Member

A class product designer having 13 Years of experience in component design, Product design and Vacuum systems design. He has also penned a book on Design of Home automation –PARILOK which is published by Lambert Publication Germany. An expert in designing products like hand held devices, wearable devices, Vinayak looks after new product development.

Why Us ?

Reliable & Genuine Products

Our products are specifically designed to work under tough industrial conditions.  We ensure the finest quality of components used in making our products, which means more reliability and longer life of our products. Our solutions provide better energy savings, better aesthetics, more safety and lower maintenance cost benefits.


A strong in house team of technical experts coming from different technical backgrounds is what we boast of. The unique amalgamation of professional product designers, embedded engineers, and IT experts make us strong in R&D activity which is driven by the engine of innovation.


Our mantra of success is “world class greenovations affordable to all.”   We at Grento firmly believe in innovation at every step of our working. We are striving to offer simple and low cost greenovations to our customers.

After Sales Service

Count on us for the best service with zero compromise.

Our Products

LED lighting is the first offering from our product portfolio. Gradually, we will keep launching other series of our greenovative products.

Our LED lights are specifically designed for the industrial & commercial usage to make them more reliable and robust.  Longer life with highest luminous efficacy is what we have built in our products. Through our existing ranges of LED lights, we can cater to many diverse industries like manufacturing, offices, Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, schools & colleges, shops, gated communities, apartments etc.